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Completed Ph. D Theses

Thesis Title Thesis Director Thesis Student
Numerical Optimization of a Finned Tube Gas to Liquid Heat Exchanger Professor Zafer İLKEN - Assistant Professor Aytunç EREK Levent BİLİR
Simulation of the Heater Test Room Defined by EN 442 Standard and Virtual Testing of Different Type of Heaters Professor Zafer İLKEN - Associate Professor Barış ÖZERDEM A.Berkan ERDOĞMUŞ
The Effects of Noncondensable Gases on Geothermal Power Plant Performance and Methods of Performance Improvement Associate Professor Gülden GÖKÇEN Nurdan YILDIRIM
Optimization of the Axial Crushing Behavior of Closed-Cell Aluminum Foam Filled Welded 1050 Al Square-Cross Section Crash Boxes Associate Professor Mustafa GÜDEN - Assistant Professor Alper TAŞDEMİRCİ A.Kaan TOKSOY
Industrial Waste and Harbor Sediment Remediation in Vitrified Ceramic Bodies Associate Professor Sedat AKKURT Mücahit SÜTÇÜ
Sintering and Microstructure Control of Oxide Bi-Materials Professor Claude CARRY - Associate Professor Sedat AKKURT Emre YALAMAÇ
Analysis and Synthesis of Parallel Manipulators Prof.Dr. Rasim ALİZADE Fatih Cemal CAN
The Effects of Surface Treatment on the CaP Deposition in Ti6A14V Open Cell Foams Associate Professor Mustafa GÜDEN Uğur TÜRKAN
Modelling and Mechanical Characterization of Polymer Composites for Load Bearing Structures Associate Professor Metin TANOĞLU - Assistant Professor Oğuz Özgür EĞİLMEZ Suat Bahar BOZKURT
The Effects of Diatom Frustule Filling on the Quasi-Static and High Strain Rate Mechanical Behavior of Polymer Matrices Professor Mustafa GÜDEN - Assistant Professor Alper TAŞDEMİRLİ Elif Aras GÜLTÜRK
Development of SiC-Whisker Reinforced Aluminum Metal Foams Associate Professor Mustafa GÜDEN Sinan YÜKSEL
Thermo-Mechanical Stress Analysis of Laminated Polymer-Matrix Composites under Hygrothermal Loading Assistant Professor Levent AYDIN
Improvement of the Energy Capture Capability of Small Scaled Wind Turbines According to Aerodynamic Design of Blades via Pitch Control System Associate Professor Barış ÖZERDEM Mahir TOSUN
Control of Dynamic System Behaviour By Using Magneto-Rheologic (Mr) Fluid Dampers Assistant Professor Serhan ÖZDEMİR - Assistant Professor Gürsoy TURAN Gökçe KINAY
Biokinematic Analysis of Human Body Rasim ALIZADE Erkin GEZGİN
Life Extension of Machine Tools by Damage Mitigative Control Assistant Professor Hakkı Erhan SEVİL
Investigation of Historic Mortars and Plasters of Crete and Western Anatolia Associate Professor Sedat AKKURT Meral BUDAK
Experimental and Numerical Determination of Heat and Mass Profiles in Adsorbent Bed During a Cycle of Adsorption Heat Pump Assistant Professor Moghtada MOBEDİ Gamze GEDİZ İLİŞ
Development of Multi and Double Walled Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) /Vinylester Nanocomposites Assoc. Prof. Metin TANOĞLU Abdullah Tuğrul SEYHAN
Experimental and numerical investigation of the quasi-static and high strain rate crushing behavior of single and multi-layer zig-zag 1050 H14 Al trapezoidal corrugated core sandwich structures Prof.Dr. Mustafa Güden, Assoc.Prof. Dr. Alper Taşdemirci Cenk Kılıçaslan

Continuing Ph. D Theses

Thesis Title Thesis Director Thesis Student
Filaman Sarma Tekniği ile Üretilen Karbon Fiber Takviyeli Kompozit Depolama Tanklarının Geliştirilmesi ve Analizi Prof. Metin Tanoğlu Serkan Kangal

Completed Ms. C Theses

Thesis Title Thesis Director Thesis Student
Mechanical Behaviour of Honeycomb Cored Laminated Composite Sandwich Structures Associate Professor Metin TANOĞLU - Assistant Professor O. Özgür EĞİLMEZ Fatma Erinç SEZGİN
Design and Manufacturing of a Fireproof Fire Rescue Robot Assistant Professor Emin Faruk KEÇECİ Özge TOK
Stress Analysis of Cracked Cylinder Problem Using Integral Transform Technique Assistant Professor Seçil ARTEM Ahmet ÇELİK
Development and Design of Closed-Cell Aliminum Foam-Based Lightweight Sandwich Structures for Blast Protection Professor Mustafa GUDEN - Assistant Professor Alper TAŞDEMİRCİ Çağrı ERGÖNENÇ
A Research on Design of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning of Hygienic Spaces in Hospitals Associate Professor Barış ÖZERDEM - Assistant Professor Moghtada MOBEDI Orkun Baki ANIL
Axisymmetric Crack Problem of Thick-Walled Finite Cylinder Assistant Professor Seçil ARTEM Fatih AVCI
Designing and Manufacturing of Porous Spinal Gages Using Ti6A14V Foamed Metal Professor Mustafa GÜDEN Mustafa Eren DİZLEK
A Qualitative Machine Health Assessment by Running Quality Index Professor Mustafa GÜDEN Olcay ÖNDER
Conjugate Natural Convection Heat Transfer in a Cavity with Finite Wall Thickness Assistant Professor Moghtada MOBEDI - Assistant Professor Hakan F. ÖZTOP Erinç HAKYEMEZ
Investigation of the Corrosion of Concrete in Different Aggressive Chemical Environments Associate Professor Sedat AKKURT - Assistant Professor Cemalettin DÖNMEZ Recep YILMAZ
Experimental Investigation of Heat and Fluid Flow in an Actuated Impinging Jet Flow Assistant Professor Ünver ÖZKOL Necati BİLGİN
Development of engobe compositions for local roof tiles Assoc.Prof.Dr.Sedat Akkurt Hilal BODUR
Modelling and Simulation of Metal Cutting By Finite Element Method Associate Professor Bülent YARDIMOĞLU Cenk KILIÇASLAN
In-plane Vibrations of Curved Beams Having Variable Curvature and Cross-Section Associate Professor Bülent YARDIMOĞLU Ali KARA
Dynamic Analysis of Flexible Mechanisms by Finite Element Method Associate Professor Bülent YARDIMOĞLU Hakan ÜLKER
Evaluation of stress intensity factor for an infinite hollow cylinder containing a crack and two rigid inclusions by finite element analysis Assistant Professor H.Seçil ALTUNDAĞ ARTEM Erkan ÖTERKUŞ
Vibration Analysis of Pre-Twisted Rotating Beams Assistant Professor Bülent Yardımoğlu Tolga Yıldırım
Investigation and Development of the Quality Control of Al-Wheel Rim Production Process. Assistant Professor Hacer AYGÜN Mert ÇETİNEL
Economic Assessment of Balçova - Narlıdere Geothermal District Heating System Professor Macit Toksoy - Associate Professor Barış Özerdem Abdullah Berkan ERDOĞMUŞ
Quasi-static axial compression behavior of empty and polystyrene foam filled tubes. Associate Professor Mustafa Güden - Associate Professor Metin Tanoğlu Ahmet Kaan TOKSOY
Kinematic and Dynamic Analysis of Spatial Six Degree of Freedom Parallel Structure Manipulator Professor Rasim Alizade Çağdaş Bayram
Estimation of the Total Solidification Time of a Liquid Phase Change Material Enclosed In Cylindrical and Spherical Containers Professor Zafer İlken Levent Bilir
District Heating systems of IZTECH Campus and its Integration to the Existing System Professor Macit Toksoy - Assistant Professor Gülden Gökçen Nurdan YILDIRIM
Data Driven Modeling Using Reinforcement Learning in Autonomous Agents. Assistant Professor Serhan Özdemir Murat Karakurt
The Control of A Manipulator Using Cerebellar Model Articulation Controllers Assistant Professor Serhan Özdemir Murat Darka
Design of a Mars Rover Suspension Mechanism Professor Fırat Barlas
Investigation of Compression Mechanical Behaviour of Aluminum Foam Filled Metal Tubes Associate Professor Mustafa Güden - Associate Professor Metin Tanoğlu Halit Kavi
Investigation of Quasi-static and Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Functionally Graded SiC Particulate Reinforced Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites Associate Professor Mustafa Güden Uygar Yıldırım
Reservoir Simulation Of Balcova Geothermal Field Professor Zafer İlken Barış Budak
A Feasibility Study and Evaluation of Financing Models for Wind Energy Projects: A Case Study on İzmir Institute of Technology Campus Area Associate Professor Barış ÖZERDEM Serra ÖZER
Design and Optimization of a Zero Energy Building Professor Zafer İlken Gamze Gediz
Air Leakage Detection in Various Cross Sectioned Air Ducts and Research on Manufacturing Methods for Airtightness Associate Professor M.Barış Özerdem Çiğdem Aydın
A Mathematical Model of Human Thermal System Associate Professor Barış Özerdem Eda Didem Yıldırım
The Application of Aluminium Foam for the Heat and Noise Reduction in Automobiles Professor Zafer İLKEN - Associate Professor Mustafa GÜDEN Ilgaz AKSELİ
Mechatronic Design of an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Robot Assistant Professor Emin Faruk KEÇECİ Onur TAVSEL
Effect of Heat Absorbing Media on Thermal Performance of Air Type Solar Collectors Professor Zafer İLKEN Kamil AYDIN
Crushing behavior of aluminum foam-filed composite tubes Associate Professor Mustafa GÜDEN - Associate Professor Metin TANOĞLU Sinan YÜKSEL
Ann-Artificial Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic Models For Cooling Load Prediction Associate Professor Sedat AKKURT - Assistant Professor Gülden GÖKÇEN Gökhan BOZOKALFA
Investigation of Stress Intensity Factors in an Elastic Cylinder Under Axial Tension with a Crack of Ring Shape Assistant Professor H. Seçil ARTEM Levent AYDIN
Processing and Mechanical Testing of Ti6A14V Foams For Hard Tissue Implant Applications Associate Professor Mustafa GÜDEN Egemen AKAR
The Economic Analysis of Geothermal/Absorption Cooling of a Hospital:Case Study of Dokuz Eylül University Research and Application Hospital Assistant Professor Gülden GÖKÇEN - Assistant Professor Serhan KÜÇÜKA Mete ALTIN
Layered Silicate/Polypropylene Nanocomposites Associate Professor Metin TANOĞLU - Associate Professor Funda TIHMINLIOĞLU Kıvanç IŞIK
Design of a Rescue Robot for Search and Mapping Operations Assistant Professor E. Faruk KEÇECİ Derya GÜMÜŞ
Biokinematic Analysis of Human Arm Professor Rasim ALİZADE Erkin GEZGİN
Construction and Control of a Desktop Earthquake Simulator Assistant Professor Hakkı Erhan SEVİL
Dynamic Analysis of Double Wishbone Suspention Associate Professor Bülent Yardımoğlu Duygu GÜLER
Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Non-Crimp Glass Fiber Reinforced Composites with Silicate Nanoparticule Modified Epoxy Matrix Associate Professor Metin TANOĞLU Emrah BOZKURT
Investigation of Flow Through a Semi Axial Centrifugal Assistant Professor Moghtada MOBEDİ Yılmaz KARAMANOĞLU
Design and Prototyping of a Mechatronic System as a Drag Reduction Device For Busses Professor Emin Faruk KEÇECi Gökhan KAVADAR
Mechatronic Design of a Completely Mechanical Quick Changeable Joint For Multi-Purpose Explosive Ordnance Disposal Robots Assistant Professor Emin Faruk KEÇECi Mehmet Bahattin KOR
Autonomous Solid Waste Separation System Design Assistant Professor Emin Faruk KEÇECi Ömer PEKDUR
Optimization of Lamella Burner Fin Deck Professor Zafer İLKEN - Associate Professor Barış ÖZERDEM Gökçe ÇETİN
Designing and Processing of Porous Ti6Al4V Cages for Spinal Surgery Professor Mustafa GÜDEN Alpay HIZAL
Wearable Exoskeleton Robot Design Volkan GÜN
Robotization of Handwoven Carpet Technology Process Professor Rasim ALİZADE Özgün SELVİ
Preperation of Al-Ti-Alloy Closed-Cell Metal Foams Via Foaming of Powder Compacts Prof.Dr. Mustafa GÜDEN Nurettin Deniz KARSU
An Experimental Investigation of the Parameters to Classify Wind Energy Sites Doç.Dr. Barış ÖZERDEM Hayri Murat TÜRKELİ
Numerical Analysis of Finned Downhole Heat Exchangers:A Parametric Study Prof. Dr. Zafer İlken Selda Alpay
Path Generation Analysis of Flexible Manipulators Yard.Doç.Dr. Ebubekir ATAN Hakan BİNGÖL
The Crushing Behavior of Aluminum Closed Cell Foam Sandwich Panels Prof. Dr. Mustafa GÜDEN Onur KOCATÜRK
Simulation and Mechanical Analysis of the Cross- Wedge Rolling Process Prof. Dr. Mustafa GÜDEN Metin ÇAKIRCALI
Dynamic Analysis of a Flexible Spherical Four Bar Mechanism Doç.Dr. Bülent YARDIMOĞLU Duygu ÇÖMEN
Random Vibration of a Road Vehicle Doç.Dr. Bülent YARDIMOĞLU Özgür BAYRAKDAR
Design of Parallel Micromechanisms for Knotting Operations Prof.Dr.Rasim ALİZADE Cüneyt ÇANKAYA
Microstructural Characterization of Corroded MgO-based Cement Kiln Refractories Assoc.Prof.Dr.Sedat Akkurt Yener Mercanköşk, 2002
Development of a high alumina tile with improved mechanical properties Assoc.Prof.Dr.Sedat Akkurt Mücahit Sütçü, 2004
Preparation of fine spinel and cordierite ceramic powders by mechano-chemical techniques Assoc.Prof.Dr.Sedat Akkurt Emre Yalamaç, 2004
Characterization of Selected Beylikler Period Mortars and Processing of New Intervention Mortars for Restoration Purposes Assoc.Prof.Dr.Sedat Akkurt Meral Budak, 2005
ANN and Fuzzy logic applications in the prediction of compressive strength of cement Assoc.Prof.Dr.Sedat Akkurt Sever Can, 2005
The Use of Boron Containing Additives for Synthesis of Anorthite Ceramic Powders Assoc.Prof.Dr.Sedat Akkurt Sedat Kavalcı, 2006
Isothermal corrosion testing of frit furnace refractories Assoc.Prof.Dr.Sedat Akkurt Fatih Balıkoğlu, 2008
Analytical and numerical sensitivity analysis of constant temperature hot-wire anemometre Assist. Prof. Ünver Özkol Yusuf Can Uz
Development of a 3-d laminar navier-stokes solver for separated channel flows Assist. Prof. Ünver Özkol Umut Ceyhan
Free vibration analysis of curved beams with variable cross-sections on elastic foundations Prof. Bülent Yardımoğlu Ümit Okan Yazıcı
Design of a six degree-of-freedom haptic hybrid platform manipulator Assist. Prof. M. İ. Can Dede Tunç Bilgehan
Development of Radar Absorbing Materials and Structures Prof. Metin Tanoğlu Serkan Kangal (2013)
Two dimensional numerical modeling of a flat heat pipe Assist. Prof. Ünver Özkol Tümcan Şen
Computer-aided aerodynamic design of small scale horizontal axis wind turbine blades Prof. Barış Özerdem Tuhfe Göçmen

Continuing Ms. C Theses

Thesis Title Thesis Director Thesis Student