AVCI IYTE is an engineering team established in 2021 at Izmir Institute of Technology. The team aims for its members to gain experience in these fields by applying the theoretical knowledge they have acquired at school in practical processes such as R&D, software, design, avionics. During this process, the team aims to teach all its members basic engineering qualities such as project preparation, time management, teamwork. AVCI IYTE team participated in the 2023 Teknofest Medium Altitude Rocket Competition. Within the scope of the competition, it is expected to design and produce a rocket that will reach an altitude of 8000 ft and fulfill the required tasks. Despite participating for the first time, the team successfully passed all the challenging report and assembly stages, leaving more than 450 teams behind, and became one of the finalist teams. AVCI IYTE proved that the rocket met all the requirements in front of the judges on the assembly day before the launch, and after successfully obtaining the aerodynamic, structural, recovery and avionics labels, the team was entitled to launch. After the launch, the rocket reached approximately 8000 feet and a speed of Mach 0.7.

Team Members

  • Kaan Bağdiken (Team Leader) (Mechanical Engineering Department Student)
  • Egemen Aksoy (Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department)
  • Hasan Baydoğan (Physics Department Student)
  • Deniz Arslan (Mechanical Engineering Department Student)
  • İlker Keser (Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department Student)
  • Atalay Konuk (Mechanical Engineering Department Student)
  • Elvin Ahmadzada (Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department Student)

Rocket Launch at Teknofest 2023 Medium Altitude Rocket Competition​