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Thesis TitleAdvisor(s)Thesis StudentYear
Advanced material characterization and modeling the foreign body impact damage initiation and progression of a laminated carbon compositeDr. Alper Taşdemirci/Dr. Mustafa GüdenMesut Bayhan2023
The development of constitutive equations of polycarbonate and modeling the impact behaviorDr. Mustafa Güden/Dr. Alper TaşdemirciMustafa Kemal Sarıkaya2023
Experimental Investigation of a hybrid thermal management system for an electric vehicle battery moduleDr. Erdal ÇetkinTurgay Coşkun2022
Investigation of cooling designs to increase the lifetime of batteries in electric vehicles during fast chargingDr. Erdal Çetkin/Sylvie LorenteŞahin Güngör2021
Multiphysics modeling of surface charge and pressure-driven electrokinetic flow in micro/nano scale porous mediaDr. Murat BarışıkTümcan Şen2021
Molecular dynamics studies on interface heat transfer control using electric fieldDr. Murat BarışıkOnur Yenigün2021
Development and characterization of innovative fiber reinforced prepregs and their composites containing functional fillersDr. Metin TanoğluYusuf Can Uz2021
Examination of fatigue behaviour of carbon fiber reinforced polymer compositesDr. Metin TanoğluMehmet Deniz Güneş2021
Numerical investigation of gas transport through micro/nano-scale porous media at slip flow regimeDr. Murat BarışıkSafa Sabet2021
Diagnosis and recovery of hardware faults encountered during operation of mobile robotsDr. Mehmet İsmet Can Dede/Dr. Serhan ÖzdemirOsman Nuri Şahin2020
Performance improvement of composite materials used as hydrogen storage tanks by microstructural modificationsDr. Metin TanoğluZeynep Ay2020
Desing and production of light-weight pressure resistant composite tank materials and systems for hydrogen storageDr. Metin TanoğluOsman Kartav2020
Design of a robot assisted minimally invasive surgical system for pituitary tumor surgery based on safety featuresDr. Mehmet İsmet Can Dede/Dr. Serhan ÖzdemirOmar Waleed Najm Maaroof2020
Improvement of IT-SOFC by tailoring the microstructure of LSCF cathode and GDC electrolyteDr. Sedat Akkurt/Dr. Aligül BüyükaksoyCan Sındıraç2019
Macro-micro robotic manipulation: A laser cutting case studyDr. Mehmet İsmet Can Dede/Dr. Gökhan KiperEmre Uzunoğlu2019
Modeling, simulation and analysis of type-III composite overwrapped pressure vessels for high-pressure gas storageDr. Metin TanoğluSerkan Kangal2019
The penetration behavior of repeated hemisphere core sandwich structures: An experimental and numerical studyDr. Alper Taşdemirci/Dr. Mustafa GüdenAli Kıvanç Turan 2018
Development of energy-efficient personalized thermal comfort driven control in HVAC systemsDr. Gülden Gökçen Akkurt/Dr.Silvio SimaniCihan Turan2018
An experimental and numerical study on interfacial convective heat transfer coefficient and thermal dispersion conductivity of a periodic porous medium under mixed convection heat transferDr. Ünver Özkol/Dr. Moghtada MobediHasan Çelik2017
Optimum design of carbon/epoxy composite laminates for maximum fatigue life using multiaxial prediction modelsDr. Hatice Seçil ArtemHamza Arda Deveci2017
Toughening of carbon fiber based composites with electrospun fabric layersDr. Metin Tanoğlu/Dr. Engin AktaşBertan Beylergil2017
Aerodynamic optimization of a transonic aero-engine fan moduleDr. Ünver ÖzkolOrçun Kor2016
Finite element simulations of impact test for light alloy wheelsDr. Bülent YardımoğluUğur Pehlivanoğlu2016
An experimental and numerical study on effects of pore to throat size ratio on macroscopic transport parameters in porous mediaDr. Ünver Özkol/Dr. Moghtada MobediTürküler Özgülmüş2015
Experimental and numerical evaluation of the blast-like loading of fiber reinforced polymer composites and aluminum corrugated core composite sandwiches through projectile impact testing using aluminum corrugated projectilesDr. Mustafa Güden/Dr. Alper Taşdemirciİsmet Kutlay Odacı2015
Development of a streamline curvature throughflow design method for fan module of turbofan enginesDr. Ünver ÖzkolSerhan Acarer2015
Experimental and numerical approaches to evaluate the crushing behavior of combined geometry core sandwich structures against blastDr. Alper Taşdemirci/Dr. Mustafa GüdenAli Kara2015
Experimental and numerical investigation of the quasi-static and high strain rate crushing behavior of single and multi-layer zig-zag 1050 H14 Al trapezoidal corrugated core sandwich structuresDr. Mustafa Güden/Dr. Alper TaşdemirciCenk Kılıçarslan2014
"Fine-Sgraffito ware," "Aegean ware" from Anaia: An analytical approachDr. Sedat AkkurtMeral Budak Ünaler2013
Control of dynamics system behaviour by magnetorheological and varible orifice dampersDr. Serhan ÖzdemirGökçe Kınay2013
Structural and kinematic synthesis of overconstrained mechanismsDr. Rasim AlizadeÖzgün Selvi2012
An experimental and numerical study on heat and mass transfer in adsorbent bed of an adsorption heat pumpDr. Moghtada MobediGamze Gediz İliş2012
Simulation of the heater test room defined by EN 442 standard and virtual testing og different type of heatersDr. Zafer İlkenAbdullah Berkan Erdoğmuş2011
Biokinematic analysis of human bodyDr. Rasim AlizadeErkin Gezgin2011
Design of dimensionally-stable laminated somposites subjected to hygro-thermo-mechanical loading by stochastic optimization methodsDr. Hatice Seçil ArtemLevent Aydın2011
Development and mechanical characterization of anti-blast sandwich composites for explosive effectDr. Metin TanoğluSuat Bahar Baştürk2011
The effects of SiC particle addition on the foaming and mechanical behavior of aluminum closed-cell foams produced by foamming of powder compactsDr. Mustafa GüdenSinan Yüksel2010
In vitro bioactivity of the surface-treated Ti6A14V open cell foamsDr. Mustafa GüdenUğur Türkan2010
The effects of diatom frustule filling on the quasi-static and high strain rate mechanical behavior of polymer matricesDr. Mustafa GüdenElif Gültürk2010
Sintering, co-sintering and microstructure control of oxide based materials: Zirconia, alumina, spinel, alumina-zirconia and spinel-aluminaDr. Sedat AkkurtEmre Yalamaç2010
The use of paper processing residues in the development of ceramics with improved thermal insulation propertiesDr. Sedat AkkurtMücahit Sütçü2010
Modeling, simulation and optimization of flashed-steam geothermal power plants from the point of view of noncondensable gas removal systemsDr. Gülden Gökçen AkkurtNurdan Yıldırım Özcan2010
Numerical optimization of a finned tube gas to liquid heat exchangerDr. Zafer İlkenLevent Bilir2009
Optimization of the axial crushing behavior of closed-cell aluminum foam filled welded 1050 al square-cross section crashboxesDr. Mustafa GüdenAhmet Kaan Toksoy2009
Analysis and synthesis of parallel manipulatorsDr. Rasim AlizadeFatih Cemal Can2008

Thesis TitleAdvisor(s)Thesis StudentYear
Investigation the filament wound hybrid cylindrical structures with enhanced thermal properties by numerical analysisDr. Metin TanoğluMert Özkan2023
Experimental investigation and optimization of laser surface treatment parameters for 1.2379(AISI D2) tool steelDr. Hatice Seçil ArtemSayit Özbey2023
Effects of zirconia and hydroxyapatite nanoparticles on the mechanical properties of the resin-based dental compositesDr. Metin TanoğluSenagül Tunca Taşkıran2023
Analysis of adhesively bonded composite aerospace structures developed by laser surface treatmentDr. Metin TanoğluKaan Nuhoğlu2023
Development and experimental characterization of filament wound hybrid cylindirical structures with enhanced thermal propertiesDr. Metin TanoğluDora Özarslan2023
Implementation of a real-time teleoperation system for the control of a robotic squidDr. Mehmet İsmet Can DedeHasan Cezayirli2023
Machinability investigation of recycled short carbon fiber reinforced magnesium matrix compositesDr. Sinan KandemirŞahin Atasoy2023
Function synthesis of 2-loop and/or 2-dof mechanismsDr. Gökhan KiperBarış Bağdadioğlu2023
The development of forming simulation methodology of a plate type heat exchangerDr. Alper Taşdemirciİbrahim Şimşek2023
Lower body dynamics for rotational and translational activities: cycling and stair climbingDr. Şenay MihçinBilal Karacaoğlu2023
The investigation of the dynamic compression characteristics of a layered glass systemDr. Alper TaşdemirciBurak Ağırdıcı2023
Developing the mechanical properties of bio-based films used in food packaging industryDr. Muhammet Fatih Toksoy/Dr. Funda TihminlioğluEkrem Anıl Irak2023
The Investigation of energy absorption characteristics of TPU TPMS structures subjected to impact loadingDr. Alper TaşdemirciÇetin Bakıcı2023
Improving mechanical properties of adhesive joints in carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites by incorporation of graphene added electrospun polymeric nanofibersDr. Metin TanoğluMelisa Yeke2023
Design, production and tests of an inherently balanced mechanism to be used as an endoscope holder for endonasal skull base surgeryDr. Gökhan Kiper/Dr. Volkert Van der WijkTuğrul Yılmaz2023
Design of an actuation system for a haptic gloveDr. Mehmet İsmet Can DedeKaan Erol Kurt2022
Model design and experimental investigation of floating wind turbineDr. Ünver ÖzkolAli Arıdıcı2022
Error analysis and characterization of piezoresistive array touch sensorsDr. Kerem AltunMehmet Ogün Sarp2022
Design of a physical human-robot interface for lifting operationsDr. Mehmet İsmet Can DedeUğur Nalbant2022
Numerical and experimental investigation of an electric vehicle battery module thermal management systemDr. Erdal ÇetkinÇağlar Gediksiz2022
Design of HIDAM: Highly deployable articulated mast for Positioning of Satellite componentsDr. Gökhan KiperYunus Cebeci2022
Wearable systems for performance assessment in volleyballDr. Kerem AltunMuhammed Emin Özdemir2022
Design of stacker crane for mini-load automated storage and retrieval systemsDr. Şenay MihçinMustafa Bekleviç2022
The effect of strain rate on the deformation behavior of additively manufactured short carbon fiber reinforced polyamide compositesDr. Mustafa GüdenMehmet Kaan Zeybek2022
Touch gestures classification by deep learning methodsDr. Kerem AltunIrmak Ege2022
Teleoperation of a biomimetic squid robot's arms via multiple haptic interfacesDr. Mehmet İsmet Can DedeHazal Emet2022
Investigation of mechanical and tribological behaviour of graphene nanoplatelet reinforced ZE10 magnesium alloyDr. Sinan KandemirSibel Yöyler2022
Learning of tasks with robot programming by demonstrationDr. Kerem Altun/Dr. Şeniz ErtuğrulSerdar Hakan Argüz2022
Function generation synthesis of planar mechanisms as a mixed problem of correlation of crank angles and dead-center designDr. Gökhan KiperTarık Kadak2022
Numerical investigation of various heat transfer mechanisms on thermal management of a lithium-ion battery packDr. Erdal ÇetkinResul Çağtay Şahin2022
Four-way refrigerant piping system design for variable speed compressorDr. Erdal ÇetkinCeren Karadoğan2021
Gravity compensation of a 2R1T mechanism with remote center of motion for minimally invasive transnasal surgery applicationsDr. Hatice Seçil Artem/ Dr. Mehmet İsmet Can DedeAtaol Behram Aldanmaz2021
Processing and characterization of scandium added A356 cast alloyDr. Sinan KandemirCezmi Öner2021
Surgery simulator design for minimally invasive pituitary gland surgeryDr. Mehmet İsmet Can DedeTarık Büyüköztekin2021
Design and optimization of shaft bracket of drum brake for heavy duty vehicleDr. Hatice Seçil ArtemMert Çetin2021
Modelling the damage formation of bolted carbon fiber reinforced epoxy composite joints at increasing strain ratesDr. Mustafa GüdenÇağatay Albir2021
The effect of deformation rate on the damage tolerances of nomex honeycomb cored composite sandwichesDr. Mustafa GüdenMuhammet Çelik2021
Modelling of an impact resistant navigation system for gun projectiles based on low cost MEMS sensorsDr. Serhan ÖzdemirSelahattin Can İnel2021
Numerical investigation of thermal management in photovoltaic cells with phase changing materials (PCM) and high conductivity insertsDr. Erdal ÇetkinSylevaster Kyaligonza2021
On the selection of material model for the 3d printed plasticsDr. Alper TaşdemirciBerika Yorulmazlar2021
Numerical and experimental investigations of an air-cooled battery thermal management systemDr. Erdal ÇetkinSinan Göçmen2021
Design optimization of an industrial oven heat exchangerDr. Erdal ÇetkinGüven Nergiz2021
Optimization of buckling behavior of hybrid composite beam under axial compressionDr. Hatice Seçil ArtemHayri Altıntaş2021
The constitutive and damage models of additively manufactured Ti6Al4V alloyDr. Mustafa GüdenBurak Hızlı2021
The deformation rate sensitivities of additively and conventionally fabricated 316L alloysDr. Mustafa GüdenSamed Enser2021
Improving joining performance of composites by electro-spinning of nano fibersDr. Metin TanoğluGözde Esenoğlu2021
Optimum design and analysis of torsion spring used in series elastic actuators for rehabilitation robotsDr. Hatice Seçil ArtemHacer İrem Erten2021
Enhancement of trajectory following accuracy of high acceleration robots by using their stiffness propertiesDr. Mehmet İsmet Can DedeErkan Paksoy2021
Development of joining techniques for carbon fiber based polymer matrix compositesDr. Metin TanoğluHande İplikçi2020
Investigation on fluctuating forces on horizontal axis wind turbines due to tower shadow effectDr. Ünver ÖzkolHasan Metehan Demircioğlu2020
Scaled down modelling of a horizontal wind turbine for a floating wind turbine researchDr. Ünver ÖzkolSerkan Erol2020
Numerical detection of cavitation in plunger valvesDr. Ünver ÖzkolBedia Akbulut2020
Experimental investigation of the pressure drop performance and the cavitation of a plunger valveDr. Ünver ÖzkolEmre Aydeniz2020
Design of centrifugal blood pumpDr. Ünver ÖzkolCeren Sarızeybek2020
Spray characteristics of emulsified biodiesel-diesel blends in a constant volume combustion chamberDr. Ünver ÖzkolYusufcan Tezel2020
Molecular dynamics studies on heat transfer control between water and silica using nanoscale surface patternsDr. Murat BarışıkCelal Can Özen2020
Stacking sequences optimization of laminated composites for maximum buckling strength by stochastic search methodsDr. Hatice Seçil ArtemGökay Adabaşı2020
Enhancement of ballistic properties by hybridization method of multi-layered composite panelsDr. Metin TanoğluHikmet Sinan Üstün2020
Location independent band specific inductive temperature and revolution sensing platformDr. Serhan ÖzdemirOğuzhan Doğan2020
Design of deployable structures comprising Altmann linkagesDr. Gökhan KiperGörkem Yıldız2020
Process parameters and mechanical properties of geopolymer glass foam structuresDr. Mustafa GüdenDilan Polat2020
Investigation of the fatigue behaviour of metallic components used in plate heat exchangers under variable dynamic loadsDr. Sinan KandemirYiğit Hayta2020
Experimental spray investigation of methyl ester and ethyl ester type biodiesel fuels in a constant volume combustion chamberDr. Ünver ÖzkolAnılcan Ulu2020
Molecular dynamics studies on wetting behavior of silicon surfaces and heat transfer characteritics of electrolyte solution filled silicon nano-channelsDr. Murat BarışıkAbdullah Cihan Özdemir2020
Scaled down modelling of a horizontal wind turbine for a floating wind turbine researchDr. Ünver ÖzkolErol Serkan2020
Investigation of Co and Co2 emissions from a domestic gas burnerDr. Ünver ÖzkolAlpay Özsuer2019
Development of adhesively bonded glass fiber reinforced polypropylene/aluminum based fiber metal laminates (FMLs)Dr. Metin TanoğluCeren Türkdoğan2019
Numerical investigation of thermal management for an airfoil profile to prevent ice formationDr. Erdal ÇetkinÇağatay Kök2019
Augmented reality-based model-mediated teleoperation: A mobile telerobot case studyDr. Mehmet İsmet Can DedeNihat Çağhan Kirişçi2019
Numerical investigations of flash-boiling Gasoline Direct Injection spraysDr. Murat Barışık/Dr. Hasan ÇelikOrhan Oral2019
Optimization of surface roughness on a milling process using stochastic methodsDr. Hatice Seçil ArtemÖzcan Dinç2019
Investigation of tribological properties of graphene nanoplatelets reinforced metal matrix nanocompositesDr. Sinan KandemirSeçkin Martin2019
Design and numerical analyses of guide vanes of a multistage submersible pumpDr. Ünver ÖzkolMert Demirtaş2019
The dynamic mechanical characterization of a bio-inspired sandwich structureDr. Alper Taşdemirci/Dr. Mustafa GüdenAyda Ramyar2019
Sub-kilowatt, efficient capacitive power and data transfer for monitoring the major mechanical variablesDr. Serhan ÖzdemirAbtulgalip Karabulut2019
Investigations on surface electric charge of silica nanoparticles with different surface roughnessesDr. Murat BarışıkBüşra Öykü Alan2019
Experimental and numerical analysis of the strain rate dependent compressive strength of a cellular concreteDr. Mustafa Güden/Dr. Alper TaşdemirciBurak Akyol2019
Optimization of oxide additives in boron carbide powders using precipitation methodDr. Muhammet Fatih ToksoyCaner Elçi2019
Molecular dynamics studies on manipulation of surface wetting using nanoscale surface structuresDr. Murat BarışıkHüseyin Gökberk Özçelik2019
Optimization of weld bead geometric parameters in a TIG welding processDr. Hatice Seçil ArtemKadriye Çağla Dilsiz2019
Spray characterization for water-in-diesel emulsionsDr. Ünver ÖzkolSeven Burçin Çellek2019
Design and experimental evaluation of a dynamically balanced over-constrained planar 6R parallel manipulatorDr. Gökhan Kiper/Dr. Mehmet İsmet Can DedeMerve Özkahya2019
Airfoil boundary-layer stability calculations and transition predictionDr. Ünver ÖzkolUmut Pekdüz2019
Investigation of compressor cycle operating point for various air conditionsDr. Erdal ÇetkinSoykan Yaşar2019
Investigation of mechanical properties and fatigue performance of carbon-glass fiber reinforced epxy hybrid compositesDr. Metin TanoğluHatice Sandallı2019
Development of fiber reinforced cylindrical composite structures by filament winding techniqueDr. Metin TanoğluMustafa Aydın2019
Dynamic crushing behaviour of cactus geometry inspired core structureDr. Alper Taşdemirci/Dr. Mustafa GüdenOzan Balya2019
Microscale precise position measurement and monitoring of sliding valvesDr. Serhan ÖzdemirÖnder Mahir Tanrıyapısı2019
Hydraulic design optimization and performance evaluation for a dishwasherDr. Erdal ÇetkinÖmer Berhan Erik2019
Analysis and modeling of an actuation system to be used in light-weight collaborative robotsDr. Mehmet İsmet Can DedeMert Yılmaz 2019
Design of a 2R1T mechanism with remote center of motion for minimally invasive transnasal surgery applicationsDr. Gökhan Kiper/Dr. Mehmet İsmet Can DedeAbdullah Yaşar2018
Optimum design of composite hydrogen pressure vessels by stochastic search methodsDr. Hatice Seçil ArtemAbdülmecit Harun Sayı2018
Kinematic design of scissor linkagesDr. Gökhan KiperCevahir Karagöz2018
The effect of strain rate on the dynamic mechanical behaviour of concreteDr. Alper Taşdemirci/Dr. Mustafa GüdenÇetin Erkam Uysal2018
Teleoperation system desing of a robot assisted endoscopic pituitary surgeryDr. Mehmet İsmet Can DedeGizem Ateş2018
Snowflake shaped high conductivity inserts for heat transfer enhancementDr. Erdal ÇetkinHasan Çiçek Konan2018
Optimal design of a kinesthetic haptic device mechanism for enhancing its impedance characteristicsDr. Mehmet İsmet Can Dede/Dr. Gökhan Kiperİbrahimcan Görgülü2018
Design of hybrid cable-constrained parallel mechanisms for walking machinesDr. Gökhan Kiper/Dr.Giuseppe CarboneMurat Demirel2018
Vibration analysis of a plate with piezoelectric layersDr. Bülent YardımoğluNuriye Ağar Demir2018
Design and mechanical behaviour of brazed plate heat exchangersDr. Hatice Seçil ArtemYiğit Güler2018
Design and development of a continuously variable transmission system to be used in human-robot interfacesDr. Mehmet İsmet Can DedeEmir Mobedi2018
Compliance control of SHAD redundant robotDr. Mehmet İsmet Can Dede/Dr. Enver TatlıcıoğluMert Kanık2018
Experimental investigation of a combi boiler heat exchangerDr. Erdal ÇetkinMehmet Kara2018
Flame characterization in domestic gas boilersDr. Alvaro Diez RodriguezMustafa Can Yenigün2018
Compliant control of a teleoperated endoscope robotDr. Mehmet İsmet Can DedeOğulcan Işıtman2018
The development of a new testing methodology in dynamic mechanical chracterization of concreteDr. Alper Taşdemirci/Dr. Mustafa GüdenSemih Berk Seven2018
Residual strength analysis of an E glass/polyester composite subjected to impactDr. Alper Taşdemirci/Dr. Mustafa GüdenMesut Bayhan2018
Noise and vibration analysis of a drum brake used in heavy commericial trucksDr. Bülent YardımoğluOsman Akdağ2018
Effects of stiffeners on vibrations of fiber-reinforced and laminated composite shellsDr. Bülent YardımoğluTansel Sarı2018
Stacking sequence optimization and modeling of laminated composite plates for free vibrationDr. Hatice Seçil ArtemEmre Azim Hasanoğlu2018
The effect of material strain rate sensitivity on the shock deformation of an aluminum corrugated coreDr. Mustafa Güden/Dr. Alper Taşdemirciİlker Canbaz2018
Design of a 2R1T mechanism with remote center of motion for minimally invasive transnasal surgery applicationsDr. Gökhan Kiper/Dr. Mehmet İsmet Can DedeAbdullah Yaşır2018
Development of MR-fluid based semi-active dampers to be used in haptic devicesDr. Mehmet İsmet Can DedeMehmet Görkem Karabulut2017
Design modification of a front window mechanism for the cabin of an earth moving machineDr. Gökhan KiperRadomir Jovichikj2017
Dynamic analysis of non-circular curved beam subjected to moving loadsDr. Bülent YardımoğluMelih Emre2017
Semi-analytical finite element modeling for dispersion analysis of multilayered structuresDr. Ünver Özkol/Dr. Onursal ÖnenÇağrı Gökhan Akyol2017
The investigation of the static and dynamic crushing behavior of an energy absorbing biomimetic armorDr. Alper Taşdemirci/Dr. Mustafa GüdenEmine Fulya Akbulut2017
Dynamic crushing behavior of sandwich panels with bio-inspired coresDr. Alper Taşdemirci/Dr. Mustafa GüdenErkan Güzel2017
The effect of T-shaped fin geometries on heat transfer rate enhancementDr. Erdal ÇetkinEylem Çetin2017
The investigation of blast response of sandwich panels with bio-inspired coresDr. Alper Taşdemirci/Dr. Mustafa GüdenFırat Tüzgel2017
Fluid properties measurements using planar Quasi-Scholte waveguidesDr. Ünver ÖzkolOkan Bostan2017
Type synthesis and instantaneous mobilty analysis of 3-UPU parallel manipulatorsDr. Gökhan KiperSercan Boztaş2017
Design of a deployable structure to be used as temporary rampDr. Gökhan KiperElvan Doğan Kumtepe2017
Modeling and analyses of pretwisted beams having piezoelectric smart materialsDr. Bülent YardımoğluMerve Akari2017
The deformation behavior of a multi-layered aluminum corrugated structure at increasing impact velocitiesDr. Mustafa Güden/Dr. Alper TaşdemirciMustafa Kemal Sarıkaya2017
Analysis of electromechanical behavior of piezoelectric smart curved beamsDr. Bülent YardımoğluTunç Aras2017
Vibration control of a smart curved beam with variable curvatureDr. Bülent YardımoğluAli Vala Kavuncu2017
Numerical and experimental investigation of radial and tree-shaped vascular channels for self-cooling structuresDr. Erdal ÇetkinOnur Yenigün2016
Modelling and control of a 3-RRS parallel manipulatorDr. Gökhan KiperHalil Tetkik2016
Design of acoustic meta-material sound absorbers by finite element methodDr. Onursal ÖnenKaya Manoğlu2016
Out-of plane displacements of curved beams with variable curvatureDr. Bülent YardımoğluAhmet Serhend Uyar2016
Redundant mobile robort controlDr. Mehmet İsmet Can DedeOnur Çelik2016
Dynamic analysis of bolted joints under axial and transverse loadsDr. Bülent YardımoğluBirtan Güler2016
Development of aluminum honeycomb cored carbon fiber reinforced polymer composite based sandwich structuresDr. Metin TanoğluMehmet Ziya Okur2016
Thermodynamic optimization of downhole heat exchangers for geothermal power generationDr. Gülden Gökçen Akkurt/Dr. Nurdan Yıldırım ÖzcanSlamet Parmanto2016
Modelling and experimental setup of a cable driven systemDr. Gökhan Kiper/Dr. Mehmet İsmet Can DedeTalha Eraz2016
In plane vibrations of curved Timoshenko beams with variable curvatureDr. Bülent YardımoğluUğur Cin2016
Design and production of vibration-resistant bolt produced by cold forgingDr. Bülent YardımoğluGökay Yaldız2016
Dynamic modelling and analysis of elevator systemsDr. Bülent YardımoğluOnur Berber2016
Control of mechanical joints that have joint clearanceDr. Mehmet İsmet Can Dede/Dr. Gökhan KiperGün Gündüzalp2015
Development and experimental verification of the stiffness matrix of the HIPHAD haptic deviceDr. Mehmet İsmet Can DedeBarış Taner2015
Experimental investigation of GDI injectoerDr. Alvaro Diez RodriguezFakhry Abuzahra2015
Modal analysis of aerofoil cross-sectioned wing made of laninated composite and filled with foamDr. Bülent YardımoğluBarış İşkece2015
Static and dynamic deformation behavior of combined geometry AISI 304L stainless stell shellsDr. Alper Taşdemirci/Dr. Mustafa GüdenSelim Şahin2015
Numerical determination of permeability and interfacial convective heat transfer coefficient for non-isotropic and periodic dual scale porous mediumDr. Murat Barışık/Dr. Moghtada MobediSafa Sabet2015
A study on COP improvement of a household refrigerator by using an adsorption heat pumpDr. Murat Barışık/Dr. Moghtada MobediGizem Arslan2015
Displacement analysis of non-circular planar curved beams under in-plane impulsive loadDr. Bülent YardımoğluAhmet Çelik2015
Vision-based monitoring and control of fiber laser weldingDr. Mehmet İsmet Can DedeMehmet Tavkaya2014
Two dimensional numerical modeling of a flat heat pipeDr. Ünver ÖzkolTümcan Şen2014
Preparation and characterization of calcite (CaCo3) particulate filled thermoplastic compositesDr. Metin TanoğluEsin Kızıltepe2014
Vibration analysis of laminated composite circular plates with radial slotsDr. Bülent YardımoğluÇetin Özgür Baltacı2014
Comparison of linear and cfd models with on-site wind measurement data for wind resource assessmentDr. Mehmet Barış ÖzerdemAytek Ay2014
Analytical and numerical sensitivity analysis of constant temperature hot-wire anemometreDr. Ünver ÖzkolYusuf Can Uz2014
Investigation of the effect of pase-change metarials on the performance of household refrigeratorsDr. Ünver ÖzkolÇağlar Coşkun2014
Vibration analysis of rotating curved beams with variable cross-sectionDr. Bülent YardımoğluOsman Kartav2014
Stacking sequence optimization of the anti-buckled graphite/epoxy laminated composites for minimum weight using generalized pattern search algorithmDr. Hatice Seçil ArtemHakan Boyacı2014
Minimum weight design of carbon/epoxy laminated composites for maximum buckling load using simulated annealing algorithmDr. Hatice Seçil ArtemErkut Gülmez2014
Vibration characteristics of portal framesDr. Bülent Yardımoğluİlhan Tatar2013
In-plane free vibration analysis of laminated curved beams with variable curvatureDr. Bülent YardımoğluFatma Çangar2013
Investigation of the formation ofLa1-xSrxCo1-yFeyO3-d cathode materials and their interaction with electrolyte substrates for potential it-sofc applicationsDr. Sedat AkkurtCan Sındıraç2013
Vibration and acoustic analysis of a refrigerator cabinet base plateDr. Bülent YardımoğluCan Deniz Deveci2013
Free vibration analysis of curved beams with variable radii of curvature on elastic foundationsDr. Bülent YardımoğluSanal Çelebi2013
Vibration analysis of a giromill-type vertical axis wind turbineDr. Bülent YardımoğluMelih Akgüneyli2013
Design of composite-based leaf spring systems for automotive sectorDr. Metin TanoğluNahit Öztoprak2013
Evaluation of the performance of a household refrigerator using a variable speed compressor with 1D simulationsDr. Ünver ÖzkolÖmer Buğra Kanargı2013
Free vibration analysis of curved beams with variable cross-sections on elastic foundationsDr. Bülent YardımoğluÜmit Okan Yazıcı2013
Heat and fluid flow analysis in a channel partially filled with permeable isotropic porous layerDr. Moghtada MobediEren Uçar2012
Unlimited-wokspace teleoperationDr. Mehmet İsmet Can DedeOsman Nuri Şahin2012
Dynamic force measurement techniques Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar testing of low acoustic impedance materials used as armor interlayer materialsDr. Alper TaşdemirciAli Kıvanç Turan2012
Thrust control design for unmanned marine vehiclesDr. Mehmet İsmet Can DedeBuğra Alkan2012
A study on combination of electrical heater, exhaust air heat recovery unit and solar energy assisted system for building ventilationDr. Moghtada MobediGamze Özyoğurtçu2012
A study on mixed convection heat transfer through a channel partially filled with porous mediumDr. Moghtada MobediHasan Çelik2012
Out-of-plane vibrations of planar curved beams having variable curvature and cross-sectionDr. Bülent YardımoğluKaan Kaygısız2012
Self-motion control of kinematically redundant robot manipulatorsDr. Mehmet İsmet Can DedeOmar Waleed Najm Maaroof2012
Turbulence measurements in the wall jet layer of impinging round jetDr. Ünver ÖzkolSerdar Malak2012
Comouter-aided aerodynamic design of small scale horizontal axis wind turbine bladesDr. Mehmet Barış ÖzerdemTuhfe Göçmen2012
Position / force control of systems subjected to communicaton delays and interruptions in bilateral teleoperationDr. Mehmet İsmet Can DedeEmre Uzunoğlu2012
Development of a 3-D laminar Navier-Stokes solver for separated channel flowsDr. Ünver ÖzkolUmut Ceyhan2011
Measurement and comparison of solar radiation estimation models for Izmir/Turkey: Izmir Institute of Technology caseDr. Mehmet Barış ÖzerdemDidem Vecan2011
Optimum design of anti-buckling behaviour of the laminated composites considering puck failure criterion by genetic algorithmDr. Hatice Seçil ArtemHamza Arda Deveci2011
Stacking sequences optimization of the anti-buckled laminated composites considering various failure criteriaDr. Hatice Seçil ArtemMehmet Umut Söyleyici2011
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Dynamic analysis of planar flexible mechanismsDr. Bülent YardımoğluDuygu Çömen2011
Hovering-mode control of the glider-type unmanned underwater vehicleDr. Mehmet İsmet Can DedeErman Barış Aytar2011
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Random vibration of a road vehicleDr. Bülent YardımoğluÖzgür Bayraktar2010
Simulation and mechanical analysis of the cross-wedge rolling processDr. Mustafa GüdenMetin Çakırcalı2010
Design of a six degree-of-freedom haptic hybrid platform manipultorDr. Mehmet İsmet Can DedeTunç Bilgincan2010
Wind resource assessment on the campus area of Izmir Institute of Tecnology: Use of multi point data sourcesDr. Mehmet Barış ÖzerdemÇağdaş Ünveren2010
Dynamic analysis of flexible mechanisms by finite element methodDr. Bülent YardımoğluHakan Ülker2010
Enhancement of jet shear layer mixing and surface heat transfer by means of acoustic disturbancesDr. Ünver ÖzkolOrçun Kor2010
Development of engobe compositions for local roof tilesDr. Sedat AkkurtHilal Bodur2010
Modelling and simulation of metal cutting by finite element methodDr. Bülent YardımoğluCenk Kılıçarslan2009
Experimental investigation of heat and fluid flow in an actuated impinging jet flowDr. Ünver ÖzkolNecati Bilgin2009
Design of parallel micromechanisms for knotting operationDr. Rasim AlizadeCüneyt Çankaya2009
Analysis of the carcked infinite hollow cylinder with loading on crack surfacesDr. Hatice Seçil ArtemFatih Avcı2009
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Design of a robotic device for automated nucleic acid extraction from biological samplesDr. Mehmet İsmet Can DedeÖmer Burak Çe2009
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Wearable exoskeleton robot designDr. Emin Faruk KeçeciVolkan Gün2007
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Layered silicate / polypropylene nanocompositesDr. Metin TanoğluKıvanç Işık2006
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Biokinematic analysis of human armDr. Rasim AlizadeErkin Gezgin2006
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Design of a rescue robot for search and mapping operationDr. Emin Faruk KeçeciDerya Akdemir Gümüş2006
On the predictability of time series by metric entropyDr. Serhan ÖzdemirHakkı Erhan Sevil2006
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Design and prototyping of a mechatronic system as a drag reduction device for bussesDr. Emin Faruk KeçeciGökhan Kavadar2006
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Mechatronic design of an Explosive Ordnance Disposal RobotDr. Emin Faruk KeçeciOnur Tavsel2005
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"ANN" artifical neural networks and fuzzy logic models for cooling load predictionDr. Sedat AkkurtGökhan Bozokalfa2005
Design of geothermal district heating system of Universiade 2005 Athletes' VillageDr. Macit ToksoyYiğit Ünerdem2005
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Design and optimization of a zero energy buildingDr. Zafer İlkenGamze Gediz2004
Air leakage detection in various cross sectioned air ducts and research on manufacturing methods for airtightnessDr. Mehmet Barış ÖzerdemÇiğdem Aydın2004
Investigation of compression mechanical behaviour of aluminum foam filled metal tubesDr. Mustafa GüdenHalit Kavi2004
Resevoir simulation of Balçova geothermal fieldDr. Zafer İlkenBarış Budak2004
Investigation of quasi-static dynamic mechanical properties of functionally graded SiC-particulate reinforced aluminium metal matrix compositesDr. Mustafa GüdenUygar Yıldırım2004
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Design of a Mars Rover suspension mechanismDr. Rasim AlizadeFırat Barlas2004
District heting system of IZTECH Campus and its integration to the existing systemDr. Gülden Gökçen AkkurtNurdan Yıldırım2003
Economic assessment of Balçova-Narlıdere Geothermal District Heating SystemsDr. Mehmet Barış ÖzerdemAbdullah Berkan Erdoğmuş2003
Optimisation of Balçova-Narlıdere geothermal district heating systemDr. Gülden Gökçen AkkurtAdil Caner Şener2003
The control of a manipulator using cerebellar model articulation controllersDr. Serhan ÖzdemirMurat Darka2003
Data driven modeling using reinforcement learning in autonomous agentsDr. Serhan ÖzdemirMurat Karakurt2003
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Estimation of the total solidification time of a liquid phase change material enclosed in cylindrical and spherical containersDr. Zafer İlkenLevent Bilir2003
Kinematic and dynamic analysis of spatial six degree of freedom parallel structure manipulatorDr. Rasim AlizadeÇağdaş Bayram2003
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An experimental investigation of the parameters to classify wind sitesDr. Mehmet Barış ÖzerdemHayri Murat Türkeli2002
Evaluation of strees intensity factor for an infinite hollow cylinder containing a crack and two rigid inclusions by finite element analysisDr. Hatice Seçil ArtemErtan Öterkuş2002
Investigation and development of the quality control of Al-Wheel rim production processDr. Hacer AygünMert Çetinel2001