Cooperative Education (Co-Op)

  • Ortak Eğitim Yönergesi
  • Geçmiş Projeler
  • ME499 Cooperative Education class aims to improve students' industrial experience by part-time working.
  •  In the scope of ME499 class, students are expected to;
    - consolidate their theoretical education with industrial applications.
    - experience the planning, running and evaluating the industrial projects
    - preparing to work-life routine by taking active roles in an engineering group.
  • ME499 Co-Op class is a 3 credits (0+6) technical elective class in which they will be part-time employed one day a week.
  •  Mid-big size industrial companies and technopark firms are suitable to run ME499 projects.
  •  Students are required to prepare a report and present it at the end of the semester.

Student NameCompanyProject TitleSemester
Berke AkcevizBosch TermoteknikInvestigation of the Design Process of Short Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic ComponentsFall 2021
Nijat JafarovAlgebra Global TechnologiesDesign and Improvement of a Coffee
Vending Machine
Fall 2021
Zeynep BoranBosch TürkiyeThe Determination of the Optimum Process Parameters of 3D Printed Peek Composites for High Strength and High Wear ResistanceFall 2021
Berkin KaratayKrone TrailerReneweable Energy Systems Design for Paint ShopSpring 2022
Bilal KeremBosch TürkiyeRelease of Combined Thermal Debinding and Sintering
Processes for Production of Injector Sub-Part
Spring 2022
Bora Mert TığlıBosch TermoteknikAccelerated Lifetime Test of Slicon Rubber GasketSpring 2022
Ege ToprakBakioğlu HoldingOptimizing the facilities of the Bakioğlu Holding CompanySpring 2022
Emin ÖzişBosch TermoteknikInvestigation of Galvanic Corrosion on DCW PipesSpring 2022
Gizem ErgelEge Fren Conceptual Mechanism Design by Driven By an Electric
Motor for Disc Brake
Spring 2022
Mertcan MosmosHKTMDesign of Cold Atmospheric Plasma for Surface Treatment
Spring 2022
Oğuzhan ÇamoğluEge EndüstriFatigue Life Estimation for Differential HousingSpring 2022
Zekican AkçayTUSAŞDeformation and Buckling Analysis at Skin-Longeron
Connection of Hürkuş Aircraft
Spring 2022
Öznur Ilgın KaraağaçFITEDApplication of Mechanical Testing on 3D Printed Braces and Optimizing The Design Via Test DataFall 2022
Fazıl GümüşayCevher JantDesign of Wind TunnelFall 2022
Altay Emre ÇıngılVESTELFoldable Glass Shelf DesignFall 2022
Aziz Kerem BulutBosch TermoteknikDesign Optimization of Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger with
Machine Learning Algorithm
Fall 2022
Mertcan DenizaşarBosch TermoteknikLife Test of Combi BurnerFall 2022
Muhammet Furkan ÖzataTOFAŞThe Estimation Model of the Gas Flow Pressure Sensor for
an Internal Combustion Engine 
Fall 2022
Beril KarakaşFEV TürkiyeDesigning an Exhaust Manifold of a 6V Engine Fall 2022
Gökberk KaralıVESTELDesigning of a Multi-Functional Kitchen Appliance Fall 2022
Onur DemirkolVESTELAir Duct Optimization, Heat Exchanger Analysis and
Thermal Analysis Using CFD in the Refrigerator Cooler Section
Fall 2022
Berk DevelTUSAŞStructural Analysis of Struts Connecting the Transmission System
of the Helicopter to the Fuselage 
Spring 2023
Göktuğ BakanBMCImproving the cornering ability of the electrically powered
low-floor bus by performing multibody dynamics analysis
Spring 2023
Ahmed HaltaşBMCStructural Analysis and Improving the Brackets Connected
to the Hydraulic System of the Dump Trailer
Spring 2023
Emre ArtemBosch TermoteknikDesigning a Plastic Adaptor of Combi Boiler Spring 2023
Cem İçierTOFAŞDesigning of an Automobile Instrumental Panel PartSpring 2023
İhsan Alp ÖzdemirTUSAŞExamination and Development of Data on the Autorotation and Collective Rate of the HelicopterSpring 2023
İhsan Can PehlivanTOFAŞDiagnosis Related to Hard Closing of 5th Door in Egea HBSpring 2023
Mert MutluTOFAŞGreen and Recyclable Plastic Application in Aesthetic Parts
of Automobiles Such as Exterior Trims and Designing Process
Spring 2023
Sevgi Begüm GürsesTEKATesting The Performance Of a Teka Oven According To IEC
60350-1 Standard & Validating It According To The New EU Directive No 66/2014 On Cooking Appliances
Spring 2023
Melih KocukBMCDesigning of the Air Brake System and Its Relevant Parts Spring 2023
Alper ÖzAteş ÇelikDesign of Foundation Basket Horizontal Assembly Station Fall 2023
Buse KaragözVESTELFall 2023
Ece Nur İşgüzarVESTELFasteners in the Washing Machine and Coating TypesFall 2023
Görkem EmreVESTELMicrochannel Heat Exchangers in Heat Pump DryersFall 2023
Enes ŞahinerVESTELCompletely Knocked-Down Sheet Metal Mold
Fall 2023
Fuat SağANOVAUAV Recovery System Agriculture and Analysis with
Using Ansys 
Fall 2023
Mazlum AydınVESTELEffect of VCC Compressors on Cooling Performance in Refrigerators Fall 2023
Mertcan TuranVESTELFrequency Controlled RefrigeratorFall 2023
Serhan BozkurtVESTELWashing Machine Microplastic Filter Fall 2023
Sezer Zorbey ErdemCevher JantUnderwater ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle)Fall 2023
Umut ErgeçANOVAUAV Launching SystemFall 2023
Hikmet Olcaytu ÖzcanBİAS MühendislikOptimal Siting of Offshore Wind Farms: A CFD-Guided
Evaluation for Enhanced Productivity
Fall 2023