Department Education Objectives

Graduates of IZTECH Mechanical Engineering Department are expected to develop the following skills in a few years after graduation;

1. Ability to orient in research and development activities, to serve in regional, national and international projects of mechanical engineering in advanced technology fields.

2. Ability to take on the task of leadership and be prone to inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary teamwork.

3. Capability to design by defining design objectives and constraints; so that, in collaboration with professional and non-governmental organizations, will produce innovative solutions to engineering problems and will contribute to the development of  industry in top priority areas.

4. Capability to perform visual, written, verbal and electronics media communication in both Turkish and English languages.

5. Ability to contribute in improving the quality of life of the society by respecting the environmental, economic, social factors and ethical values in their studies.

6. Ability to improve their profession by retaining and further developing the skills and knowledge they acquired in mechanical engineering program because they have adopted life-time learning principle.

“Program Education Objectives” are supported by mechanisms like education-teaching plans, professional internships, seminars, extra-curricular activities and corporate contributions; and continuously evaluated by meetings held with industry, employers and chamber of mechanical engineers, and through surveys.