2024-2025 ME402 Engineering Design Project Proposals

Dear students, ME402 Engineering Design projects are now available for 2024-2025 academic year. You can find the detailed information in the project proposal forms. Please make an application to the project supervisors as soon as possible if you are interested in a project. You can apply as a group or as an individual to form a group in the future. The project list will be updated if there is any new proposal. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Dr Büşra Karaş if you have any questions.


#InstructorProject TitleFunding/SupportResearch Topic(s)# of project members# of Teams
1Serhan ÖzdemirDesigning a Variable Stroke and Frequency Shaker for Fatigue Tests for Mechanical PartsDesign of control circuit and lcd interface, teardown of ultrasonic devices31
2Serhan ÖzdemirDesigning an Ultrasonic Cleaner for Mechanical PartsDesign of control circuit and lcd interface, teardown of ultrasonic devices31
3Şenay Mihçin/Serhan ÖzdemirRehabilitation device for a dropped foot problemFoot drop problem, possible solutions in literature, use of FES, and any other rehab devices , design criteria for the rehab robot.
4Gökhan KiperLong range portable and rapidly deployable bridge designdeployable structures; mechanism design; structural analysis51-2
5Gökhan KiperDesign of olive tree shaker with a deployable umbrellaMECALACHarvesting machines, olive harvesting techniques, deployable structures51
6Gökhan KiperDesign of manual olive harvesting machineHarvesting machines, olive harvesting techniques, mechanical vibrations51
7Halil TetikDevelopment of an experimental setup and determination of optimum printing parameters for direct-ink-writing of soft elastomers3D printing of soft elastomers, Direct ink writing of elastomeric materials, optimization of 3D printing parameters51
8Can Dede/Erdal ÇetkinElectro-hydraulic cylinder designCurrent Electro-Hydraulic Actuator Designs, Hydraulic and Electric Motor Technologies, Actuator materials, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability, System Integration and Modularitywill be determined1
9Ünver ÖzkolDesign of a device for measuring moisture content of fibrous products such as cottonMoisture sensing methods
Calibration Techniquies
Uncertainty determination
Sensor Manufacturing
10Kasım ToprakExperimental investigation on the thermal performance of a heat sinkAÜDP ProjectDesign and construction of experimental set-up
Data acquition and analysis
Simulation of real-world conditions
Analysis and improvement of cooling block design