Microsoft Teams Codes of 2023-2024 Fall Semester Courses

Microsoft Teams codes of the 2023-2024 Fall semester courses are listed below.

ME 101 Introduction to Mechanical Engineering o3s1i96
ME 113-A Computer Aided Engineering Drawing I u7csu4c
ME 113-B Computer Aided Engineering Drawing I 2ovavcf
ME 207 Thermodynamics I 9gz9tco
ME 221-B Statics apsinfv
ME 251 Materials Science and Engineering II p2gxgmy
ME 301  Fluid Mechanics I boa6j3o
ME 311 Machine Elements I iitpf7c
ME 323 Manufacturing Processes 9vlbiss
ME 401 Engineering Economics and Design 4ouwtc8
ME 409 Mechanical Engineering Laboratory jfb9665
ME 427 Introduction to Renewable Energy Resources rprrzbh
ME 436 HVAC System Design wrvee9j
ME 438 Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics mpsk9ju
ME 457 Introduction to Biomechanics xc0fqum
ME 499 Cooperative Education Course x0qf0or
ME 557 Medical Technology Management qppx613
ME 590 Analytical Methods in Engineering 5vzk1l2
ME 599 Methods and Ethics in Engineering Research dbaad60